Tuesday, February 9, 2016

CubePro 3D Printer | 3D Systems

3D Systems describes the CubePro 3D printer as the only simultaneous triple-color, multi-materials, large-capacity, prosumer 3D printer available today.
LAS VEGAS–3D Systems has unveiled its CubePro 3D printer, a large-capacity beast that can print at high resolution in up to three colors. CubePro marks a new generation of printers in the company's Cubify line, which featured the Cube 3D Printer. The company describes the CubePro as the only simultaneous triple-color, multi-materials, large-capacity, prosumer printer available today.

The CubePro has a whopping 10.8- by 10.45- by 9.5-inch build area, and offers resolutions down to an ultra-fine 75-micron print layer thickness. According to 3D Systems, the print chamber's controlled process environment ensures true- to-CAD prints. The CubePro will be available in a three-print-head configuration, allowing users to print in up to three simultaneous colors and in up to two materials.
The printer offers a color touch-screen display, as well as mobile and Wi-Fi capability. CubePro is compatible with the Cubify mobile app, letting users print on the go direct from their Shelf, prepping files and sending to print, all from an iOS, Android, or Windows phone.

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Its insta-load cartridges incorporate filament jets to save time switching materials or colors. The company encourages recycling of filament cartridges as well as unwanted prints. You can send back empty cartridges to designated 3D Systems locations for reuse in exchange for a discount on new cartridges and return used ABS and PLA prints for responsible recycling or composting by 3DS. The CubePro comes with a proprietary print pad that according to the company conserves power compared with other 3D printers.

Print speeds up to 15mm/sec.
So you can quickly create 3D models.
Wi-Fi compatible
For a wireless connection to your home or office network.
9.06" x 9.56" x 7.56" build volume
Along with a controlled-climate chamber enables you to print large designs.
70-, 200- and 300-micron resolution options
Allow precise operation.
Compatible with ABS, PLA and nylon build materials
So you can produce models with up to 3 materials and up to 3 colors. ABS filaments are included to help you get started.
Supports .stl and .cubepro files
To suit your needs. The included Cubify Invent software enables you to create CubePro-readable files.
CubePro comes with starter materials, 25 free designs, and a Cubify Invent software license for introductory 3D design. CubePro is integrated with 3DS's Cubify consumer lifestyle hub, connecting CubePro users to curated collections of 3D printable content from favorite DIY, automotive and gear brands, as well as the Cubify social platform where users can share and co-create with others.
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